Twelve Days of Christmas Music – Day 9

12 Days of Christmas BannerToday’s selection is “Holly Jolly Christmas”, as performed by Burl Ives. The song was originally heard sung by Ives on the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer special in which he also served as narrator, but was recorded by Ives a year later in the slower tempo version that has become popular. I am so used to hearing the slower version now that I thought the Rudolph recording was being played at the wrong speed. I was wrong.

For some reason this song reminds me of going down to the Christmas parade in Wichita as a child. You always had to wait until the end, regardless of temperature, because the very last float was Santa’s sleigh. Oh memories.


PS – I was always super confused by this album cover as a child because he kind of looks like the devil, which was very confusing imagery for me as it relates to the Christmas season.


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