Twelve Days of Christmas Music – Day 11

12 Days of Christmas Banner

I felt a lot a pressure to make a selection today. Since Day 12 was predetermined, this was my last chance to make sure that the list captured everything I want it to. Honestly, I’ve been listening to Christmas music with a more critical ear this year since I’ve been working on this list. And there were so many that could have taken the last slot.

But then I decided it was only appropriate to share this one…


I still haven’t written of the important role that Better Than Ezra played in my life, especially during college. Beyond the music that I loved and crazy adventures to shows it connected me to the most eclectic, interesting, loving, inspiring, fun, insane, remarkable group of people – at a time when I really needed people with those traits in my life.

I have this song to thank for those connections, because one of the first things I ever posted on their message boards was a plead for someone to send me a copy of this song. Before the days of YouTube and online music services, it was impossible to find. But I heard rumor that a Christmas song existed. And so I begged – and was promptly sent two copies. Along with a giant pile of bootlegs. Such generous people.

It’s now available for download through Better Than Ezra’s website should anyone be interested.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone.


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