Bringing it Back! Preparing for Thing-A-Day 2017

For awhile I’ve wanted to return to blogging in a more intentional and meaningful way. When reflecting on the times that the blog worked it’s “best” (as defined by me – super scientific) it was shortly after I initially started the blog. A little over a month into the platforms existence I made the bold decision to participate in Thing-A-Day 2011.

For those unfamiliar with the Thing-A-Day concept, the idea was that you pledged to spend 30 minutes a day being creative for the entire month of February. And that you post the results, progress, etc. The beauty of these previous years is that everyone that participated in the event posted on the same blog, so you were able to scroll through everyone’s daily creations. The thing that always amazed me is how people exercise their creativity so differently – there were things on the blog that I could never imagine or make and it was inspiring.

Unfortunately, the Thing-A-Day community went dormant a couple of years ago, but in attempts to jump start my creativity, work my way through my to do list, and if we are lucky finish some long unfinished projects I’m going to participate this year.

If you stumble upon this blog because you were lamenting the death of Thing-A-Day as February approaches, I would love for you to join me. Feel free to use the hashtag #ThingADay17 on Twitter, Instagram, or comment below. If there happens to be a strong response, we can look at a community posting area. Or we can do hashtag participating this year and work toward a proper launch next February. Oh the possibilities.




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