Thing-A-Day #4 -Felt Wreath

As promised – I’m back today with the progress that I made on the felt holiday wreath set that I started before Christmas. I was on schedule to finish this well before the big day and then ran out of one of the colors of floss in the set. That never happens. There is usually way too much, so I’m not really sure how I managed to mess that up.

So after scouring the land for a match and realizing after having no luck that I was just going to have to go with the next closest, which of course I had on hand the day the problem initially occurred but wasn’t satisfied with, I finally returned to the project. Well after all decorations and signs of the holiday had been packed a way. You win some you lose some.

I was determined to get it done tonight, but after being unhappy with the placement of the first bird I tacked on I decided to give it a rest tonight. It’s not worth tears. (There were none, but they wouldn’t have been far behind.)

Photo of felt Christmas wreath with red birds, flowers and a banner that reads JOY.

Fixed birds and a picture in better light to come.


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