Thing-A-Day #10 & 11 – Adventures in Watercolors

Please excuse me for not posting yesterday – but I was confident that world didn’t need another picture of my slow going cross stitch. I have gotten some questions about the full quote though. Here it is:


The version I am stitching has an ellipsis between “garden patch” and “to know.” I did not know the full quote until now, and I’m in favor of the modification.

Tonight I experimented with watercolors for the first time since my Crayola set in grade school. The main goal was to create color variations, gradients, ombres, that could be used under glass for necklace pendants. In the photo below you see my first attempts, as well as the rectangle of glass that will be used to fashion them into wearable art (fingers crossed).

While I was at it, I couldn’t resist trying brush calligraphy with watercolors since I’ve run across so much of it while learning brush pen calligraphy. I need a better brush, or one of the brush pens with the water in the base, AND a lot of practice – but I was pretty happy with my first attempt.



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