Thing-A-Day #14 – A Little Holiday Baking

I decided to take a break from all the crafting and do a little baking for my creative activity today. I have to give myself credit, because for the first time ever I saw one of those clever  videos on Facebook that shows someone cooking in fast forward AND instead of just thinking “that looks delicious, I should make that” and never doing anything about it – I MADE IT!

I’m not particularly fond of Valentine’s Day, but when I saw the video for Cherry Bread by Tastes of Lizzy T, it seemed appropriate to bake for the day. The recipe was easy to follow,  and all went well (minus the discovery that there was no more baking powder in the house that lead to a mid-mix grocery run). I will say the glaze is almost more of a frosting, and it makes about twice what you need, but it’s delicious so I’m not mad at that.

I clearly do not have a future in food photography, so please excuse the poor photographic evidence of my attempt. The rivers of glaze made it all the messier to try to capture, so for good pictures go to her blog.


Messy but delicious!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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