Thing-A-Day #15 & 16 -Masking Pen Watercolors

Today’s project was a couple days in the making. I ordered a Molotow Masking Pen and it arrived earlier this week and I couldn’t wait to try it. There are a large number of videos of people using masking liquid to do their lettering and then watercoloring over it. After the paint dries you simple rub the blue masking liquid off revealing the white paper below. Simple! Wrong.


Here was the first attempt. I was so excited and then once it was dry I COULD NOT remove the masking fluid. In spots where I was able, the paper was tearing, dyed blue and not creating clean lines. Incredibly disappointing.

So I went about searching the internet for troubleshooting tips and was unable to find anything useful. So, if you find this blog because you had problems removing masking fluid – here’s the solution: BUY BETTER PAPER.

I made an assumption that this was the case, as I was using only 90lb. paper. So I bought 140lb. paper and kept my fingers crossed that it would solve the problem.

As my grandpa pointed out, this is not perfect calligraphy – I just simply free handed it super quickly for the test. More complex designs to come. But most importantly, it rubbed right off. All those videos weren’t lying (I was fairly convince it was a giant conspiracy for a moment).



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