Thing-A-Day #12 & 13 -Glass Necklaces

I spent most of the day yesterday with my father celebrating his birthday. We had a great day, including genealogy research and adventures to find the old family homestead.

When I returned home I worked on attaching my watercolor pieces to glass in order to make them into pendants. I continued working on that today – and here is the progress. They are still a work in progress, and because it is a new method I haven’t perfected them yet.


I look forward to posting the finished necklaces soon!


Thing-A-Day #10 & 11 – Adventures in Watercolors

Please excuse me for not posting yesterday – but I was confident that world didn’t need another picture of my slow going cross stitch. I have gotten some questions about the full quote though. Here it is:


The version I am stitching has an ellipsis between “garden patch” and “to know.” I did not know the full quote until now, and I’m in favor of the modification.

Tonight I experimented with watercolors for the first time since my Crayola set in grade school. The main goal was to create color variations, gradients, ombres, that could be used under glass for necklace pendants. In the photo below you see my first attempts, as well as the rectangle of glass that will be used to fashion them into wearable art (fingers crossed).

While I was at it, I couldn’t resist trying brush calligraphy with watercolors since I’ve run across so much of it while learning brush pen calligraphy. I need a better brush, or one of the brush pens with the water in the base, AND a lot of practice – but I was pretty happy with my first attempt.


Cross Stitch Necklaces

The entries might have lapsed, but the crafting did not. I recently finished a line of wooden necklaces that I cross stitched. The most difficult part of these items was creating the initial designs – and while more designs will likely be added, it’s nice to have a number of patterns ready – both for additional pieces but also to customize for anyone that is interested.

Here’s the current collection:


Pendants ready for bronze or silver chains.

I’m always looking for a way for people to show their school spirit without breaking copyright – so here’s a perfect option for all of my friends at KU, or any school with the same color scheme.


Can be custom made in the colors of your choice.

Instead of cross stitch, this one was done more as a string art herringbone pattern:


And a couple more shots of the detail:

As always, if you are interested in the pieces featured above or interested in placing a custom order – please email

Earrings Now Available on Etsy

Now available at the Crafty Audiophile Store – an adorable collection of earrings. Here’s a sample of some of options for purchase.

There’s little beaded owls –

photo 1
Glass tile earrings –

photo 5

From squares…

photo 4

…to polka dots…

And a large selection of adorable shrinky dinks earrings.

photo 3

From our bestseller, this precious woodland fox…

photo 3

…to fancy fish…

photo 5

…to classic penny farthings.

And so much more. If you saw earrings at a recent craft fair that are no longer available for purchase – please email I would be happy to make you a pair.

Wooden Necklaces Available on Etsy

Back by popular demand – the Crafty Audiophile Etsy shop is now open.

I’m in the process of posting the entire inventory, but the necklaces that are the most in demand – the necklaces that I have woodburned – are now available along with a couple of other items.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s available.


photo 4

I was so excited to receive custom orders in December. If you are interested please email for pricing.

Featured Goods – Chalk Paint Bangles

There is currently a party bus parked in front of my mother’s house for a reason I cannot fathom. It’s creating an interesting soundtrack to writing this blog – a mixture of a highly intoxicated woman trying to beat someone up and a remix of Baby Got Back that I just cannot get behind as a 90s music purist.

Earlier in the day, when this was the quiet neighborhood that is typically is, I decided to try my hand at chalk paint. Chalk paint is everywhere these days and I usually try to be more of a trendsetter than follower – but sometimes the draw is too strong. And it didn’t hurt that my mom had already purchased some that I could use. Thanks Mom (and sorry that my dog just ate your expensive cat food again…this visit might come to an abrupt end if my dog gets me kicked off the premises.)

I had big plans for having a wood burning marathon yesterday and then realized I had brought all wood burning items with me except the actual wood burner. What a failure. So why not try painting them. I made one first layer white, second layer blue and the second bangle reversed. Sadly, I didn’t put much thought into the fact that I would have to sand to expose the first layer. Of course I knew that was the case, I had just forgotten that sanding is one of my least favorite activities in the world.

So, here’s the rough draft.

picture of wooden bangles

I’ve done more sanding since the photo was taken and they are coming along. I’ll post a finished picture when I finish sanding and then apply the wax coat. And, if I ever get good enough, perhaps I’ll post a tutorial.

Until tomorrow…

This item is not yet available at The Dusted Attic. If you are interested in any items posted, please email I will gladly post any of the items on my etsy store for purchase.

Featured Good – Glass Necklace

Today’s been a good day. After two months of not having a functioning car and having to rely on the kindness of those have let me borrow theirs, my brother magically found a way to fix it. It took 5 minutes, was free (which is $1,100 less than any of my estimates) and was truly magic. I’m cautiously optimistic that it will still be working tomorrow.

My brother is truly the best – for not only finding the solution that eluded multiple mechanics, but also lending me his car for the majority of the time I’ve been without.

AND THEN, I found this piece of jewelry in my car –

photo of glass necklace with turquoise paper

I’m obsessed with this color.

This item is not yet available at The Dusted Attic. If you are interested in any items posted, please email I will gladly post any of the items on my etsy store for purchase.