Last Day for Christmas Delivery!

Nothing says love like handmade! Today is the last day to order to make sure that you get it by the holiday. This includes:

Awesome jewelry like this adorable dude:

Fox Necklace

Or these little guys:

Squirrels earrings

Or a place to store your jewelry like this:

pink floral hanger

And of course gifts for your favorite mountain climber**:

Sunlight Peak Ornament

**Does not include custom 14er ornaments, as they take longer to produce.

Let me help you with some of that last minute gift stress!


Last Minute Gifts – Handmade on Etsy

Still looking for that perfect gift for your loved ones? I can help. In order to get your order by Christmas, please observe the following deadlines:

For custom orders, such as 14er ornaments for those peaks I have not yet made, orders must be received by December 15.


All other orders must be received by December 18.

That includes these newly added jewelry hangers:


Click here to shop! And thank you for your continued support.

Now Available on Etsy – Colorado 14er Ornaments

Last August my family went on our annual vacation to the mountains of Colorado, and we were joined for the first time by my brother’s girlfriend, who in the year+ since has become his wife. Kyle and I have been climbing 14ers for years, or in my arthritic case attempting to climb, but with Kyle having a new climbing partner he attempted more peaks during our trip than he normally does. Ali & Kyle ended up climbing three 14ers that week and I joined them for one. When you climb a 14er it makes sense of all the individual peak collectibles you see. It’s hard work. It needs to be celebrated.

While shopping in Leadville Ali noticed woodburned ornaments for the individual peaks and she said “you could make these.” And a plan was hatched. I knew that while I do woodburn, I would not be able to be as precise as I would like using that method, so I decided that I would use chalkboard, hand lettering and hand drawn outlines of the mountain.

So, for Christmas last year, I made Ali these ornaments:


And then my friend Amy saw them and said, “you could probably sell these!”. And so I have been on my Etsy page!

I’ve been lucky to long have the support of family and friends when it comes to purchasing my handmade goods, but it has been incredibly exciting to have random folks from all over the nation stumble across my ornaments and purchase them. I am currently producing them on finished rounds instead of the natural barksided ornaments of Ali’s and have produced artwork for Elbert, Missouri, Sherman, Quandary, & Bierstadt. I also except custom orders for peaks that I have not yet done.

And to document that they are indeed handmade with love, here’s some progress pictures for you:

They make the perfect holiday gift for your favorite mountain climber. Order today to get them in plenty of time to wrap and get under the tree.



Thing-A-Day Wrap Up

Hi everyone! It’s the last day of February, which means the last day of Thing-A-Day. And have no fear – while the posts have lapsed the creativity has not. Sometimes it seems so boring to post works in progress, and so little is finished in one day, that I wanted to wait to post. But, I also haven’t completed as much as I hoped for today because A-I always have unrealistic expectations of what I can accomplish and B-so many obstacles!

So here’s what has been going on –

I made a practice wedding cake for my brother’s upcoming nuptials. It was a disaster and all photographic evidence destroyed.

I made wedding mints. Both of these things were done with my mom but I didn’t want to drag her name into the cake mess above.


Believe it or not the dark ones are purple.

I’ve been working on a Christmas tree, but can’t get the wood stain the right color. Here’s the finished component, patiently waiting to be placed on a stained tree:


I tried brush calligraphy with Crayola markers as seen on Pinterest. It’s going to take practice.

I’ve helped my Mom design hair flowers for the aforementioned wedding’s flower girl.

AND I started a bullet journal! I’m going to put that in a separate entry this evening. Hooray!

Thing-A-Day #18 & 19 – O Christmas Tree

Work continues on the trees – but I thought I would back up and share a little more about them.

Following Christmas I bought wooden trees on clearance at Target. I have a really bad habit of buying things on clearance and then forgetting about them the next season, so the plan this year is to go ahead and make them, put them in my decoration box, and then be delighted to have new decorations when I open my holiday box next December.

I decided to cover these in paper, and while I stand by my decision in thinking this will yield the greatest finished product, it has proven tedious as shared before.

Each tree will be covered with two papers. Here are the supplies:


Good news! I’ve finished the first tree.


I’ll take a picture of it put together once they are completely dry.


Thing-A-Day #17 – Winter Trees

A quick check-in tonight. I am working on wooden trees that I’m covering with paper. It has proven to be more laborious than expected. So many small detailed cuts. Here’s the beginning:


Sorry for the image quality! Technology problems.

Hope to have the finished project for you by the end of the month. Fingers crossed – when they are not too busy cutting these out.

Thing-A-Day #15 & 16 -Masking Pen Watercolors

Today’s project was a couple days in the making. I ordered a Molotow Masking Pen and it arrived earlier this week and I couldn’t wait to try it. There are a large number of videos of people using masking liquid to do their lettering and then watercoloring over it. After the paint dries you simple rub the blue masking liquid off revealing the white paper below. Simple! Wrong.


Here was the first attempt. I was so excited and then once it was dry I COULD NOT remove the masking fluid. In spots where I was able, the paper was tearing, dyed blue and not creating clean lines. Incredibly disappointing.

So I went about searching the internet for troubleshooting tips and was unable to find anything useful. So, if you find this blog because you had problems removing masking fluid – here’s the solution: BUY BETTER PAPER.

I made an assumption that this was the case, as I was using only 90lb. paper. So I bought 140lb. paper and kept my fingers crossed that it would solve the problem.

As my grandpa pointed out, this is not perfect calligraphy – I just simply free handed it super quickly for the test. More complex designs to come. But most importantly, it rubbed right off. All those videos weren’t lying (I was fairly convince it was a giant conspiracy for a moment).