Song of the Day – Call It What You Will (Joe Pug)

I call today a disaster

She calls it December the 3rd

I haven’t posted since May, so it might seem odd to post a Song of the Day out of nowhere, but when Joe Pug’s “Call It What You Will” came on today and I noticed that my favorite line in the song mentioned today’s actual date, I felt compelled to post. My love of Joe Pug is well documented at this point, so I’ll just let the song do the talking.

As an added bonus, it’s full of references to the region of the country I was living in until July. I’ll fill you about all that soon.



Song of the Day – Little Talks (Of Monsters and Men)

Alex and I were jumping for video to video on YouTube earlier this week, when Alex spotted this song on the side bar and encouraged me to click it. I’m all about the “hey”s these days, so I loved it. And it’s been stuck in my head ever since.

Song of the Day – Ho Hey (The Lumineers)

As has been previously mentioned, my best friend Jody and have I have many things in common – but music is not one of them. While I’m more cute troubadours with moving lyrics, she more lyrics that make you move (dance preferably, Gaga being her favorite). But every once in a while the stars align and we both love the same song.

In January I was scolded for not having listened to a song that she had previously sent and ordered to listen to it right away. That song was The Lumineers “Ho Hey.”

At the time, she sent me a recording of their Daytrotter Session, but they have since released this adorable video. They’ve also recently released a self-titled album. My copy has been order and I’ll report back. Until then, I hope you enjoy the song.

New Josh Ritter – Why, Bringing in the Darlings

Very few things make my day the way an announcement of new Josh Ritter can. Today Ritter announced a new EP entitled Bringing in the Darlings. It’s been 25 minutes since the email came out, and I’ve already pre-ordered my copy. It’s fair to say I’m a fan (in case you didn’t get that from this entry).

You can stream the song “Why” right now over at Paste Magazine. You also get an immediate download of it if you buy one of the packages here. Good for those of us that will have trouble waiting for it’s release on February 21.

Upon first listen it’s already a song that resonates with me. Anyone that knows me knows I have difficulty making the big life changing type decisions, and am currently in that process right now. Maybe this will be my anthem until I get to where I need to be.

“Why spend your only life waiting, to do what you know you can do?”

Song of the Day – Gray or Blue (Jaymay)

There are television shows that I actually enjoy watching on Wednesday nights, but I was so at peace crafting and listening music that I stuck with that instead last night. And Pandora rewarded my decision by playing great music. A lot of The Band, John Prine and Joe Pug.

The Avett Brothers’ station is dominated by male voices, so maybe the fact that a female artist popped up piqued my attention. I had never heard of the song Gray or Blue, or the artist Jaymay, but I enjoyed it last night and hope you will today.

Song of the Day – Blessed (Brett Dennen)

Had a major assist in today’s song of the day –

Earlier today a former student, or more importantly a friend, posted this on her facebook wall with the comment “this reminded me of you. Thanks for making my day on Friday, btw.”

Last week was an exceptional week for me, due mostly to several amazing conversations with students, friends and the people I love. I’m thankful to be reminded that people and relationships are what are important. I think that I’m good at relationships and they are what deserve the most time and energy. Thanks for the reminder, Universe.