Thing-A-Day #9 – One Word Closer

I finished another word today. We’ll consider it a success.



Thing-A-Day #8 – One Stitch at a Time

I’m under the weather and spent most of the day in bed cuddling with my dog. But I crawled out of bed long enough to pick up one of my oldest WIPs (Work in Progress).

I didn’t get much accomplished today, but that’s because this is a deceptively slow project. I honestly can’t even tell you how many years ago I started it or how many times I’ve put it down in favor of other projects. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t been featured on here before.


It’s a giant Emerson quote, meant to be professionally framed and placed in my office – but I’m coming to terms with the fact that it might never be done. It’s about half finished at this point, which is actually a triumph itself.

Thing-A-Day #6 – A Fumble & A Return

Well, that’s unintentionally football related and was probably subconsciously inspired by the 45 seconds of football that I accidentally watched yesterday. This evening I spent time starting a new cross stitch project, and it’s off to a rough start. It’s probably because I’m suppose to use this month to finish projects, not start new ones.

Since that is in no way camera worthy at the moment, and because it has been a couple of days since I last practiced my brush calligraphy, I returned to it this evening with a simple worksheet.

Calligraphy worksheet picture

This worksheet comes from the folks at Destination Decoration, and is meant for blending – but I’m not there yet and this worked for me.

Thing-A-Day #5 – Almost There!

One step closer on completing the wreath today. I stitched together the bow that will serve as the hanger. Sometimes I forget how long it takes to hand sew things (like yesterday, when I said, “this should take me no time at all to finish!”)

Picture of white and red chevron felt bow

It’s a little lopsided looking in the picture – but you’ll be able see it better when the entire thing is done. Fingers crossed!

Thing-A-Day #4 -Felt Wreath

As promised – I’m back today with the progress that I made on the felt holiday wreath set that I started before Christmas. I was on schedule to finish this well before the big day and then ran out of one of the colors of floss in the set. That never happens. There is usually way too much, so I’m not really sure how I managed to mess that up.

So after scouring the land for a match and realizing after having no luck that I was just going to have to go with the next closest, which of course I had on hand the day the problem initially occurred but wasn’t satisfied with, I finally returned to the project. Well after all decorations and signs of the holiday had been packed a way. You win some you lose some.

I was determined to get it done tonight, but after being unhappy with the placement of the first bird I tacked on I decided to give it a rest tonight. It’s not worth tears. (There were none, but they wouldn’t have been far behind.)

Photo of felt Christmas wreath with red birds, flowers and a banner that reads JOY.

Fixed birds and a picture in better light to come.

Thing-A-Day #3 – A Little String Art

Today was a pretty full day, which included the highlight of a wonderful lunch with my brother. He’s really the greatest. Therefore, posting is a bit tardy tonight. This evening I worked on finishing up some string art that I started in December – and a Christmas wreath (still to come). These string art designs also came from a DCWV set (can you tell I got a deal?!) but I look forward to translating some of my hand lettering into projects in the near future.


Greetings and love to you, my friend!