Thing-A-Day Wrap Up

Hi everyone! It’s the last day of February, which means the last day of Thing-A-Day. And have no fear – while the posts have lapsed the creativity has not. Sometimes it seems so boring to post works in progress, and so little is finished in one day, that I wanted to wait to post. But, I also haven’t completed as much as I hoped for today because A-I always have unrealistic expectations of what I can accomplish and B-so many obstacles!

So here’s what has been going on –

I made a practice wedding cake for my brother’s upcoming nuptials. It was a disaster and all photographic evidence destroyed.

I made wedding mints. Both of these things were done with my mom but I didn’t want to drag her name into the cake mess above.


Believe it or not the dark ones are purple.

I’ve been working on a Christmas tree, but can’t get the wood stain the right color. Here’s the finished component, patiently waiting to be placed on a stained tree:


I tried brush calligraphy with Crayola markers as seen on Pinterest. It’s going to take practice.

I’ve helped my Mom design hair flowers for the aforementioned wedding’s flower girl.

AND I started a bullet journal! I’m going to put that in a separate entry this evening. Hooray!


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